Mission Tandrust

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Mission Tandrust to be launched by Environment Department, Government of Punjab. A holistic mission for improvement of health of the people.

1 Drug Addiction

The government has planned a drug de-addiction treatment.

  1. Drug Rehabilitation Centres to be converted into general-purpose Community Health Centres that can be accessed by all. Outpatient Opoid Assisted Treatment (OOAT) will be continued for drug addicts.
    • The move has been criticised by PGI on three grounds
      • patients not being drawn in is the reason for failure of DRCs
      • treatment of drug addicts by MBBS doctors is not desirable
      • psychological treatment not a part of OOAT
  2. Nasha Roku Nigran Committees to be constituted to stop chemist shops from selling prescription drugs. The committees will consist of community elders and citizens.

2 Open Defecation

Promotion of open defecation-free areas under this programme.

3 Air Pollution

PWD and NHAI roped in to control dust, especially in rural areas.

4 Food Quality

Quality control on fertilisers and stopping overuse of fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, etc. to prevent food contamination.

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