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1 Personalities Associated with Specific Movements

1.1 Swadesh Movement

Person Role
Tilak Ganpati, Shivaji festivals
  aimed for attainment of swaraj
Lala Lajpat Rai assisted by Ajit Singh
  wrote in Kayastha Samachar
  endorsed technical education and industrial self-sufficiency
Chidambaram Pillai Madras
  strike at Tuticorin Coral Mill
  founded Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company in Tuticorin
Bipin Chandra Pal Urban areas
  editor of New India
Laikat Hossain East India Railway strike 1906
  fiery Urdu articles
Rabindranath Tagore songs to inspire freedom struggle
  revived Bengali folk music
  set up swadeshi stores
Aurobindo Ghosh orincipal of Bengal National College, founded 1906
  editor of Bande Matram, encouraged strikes
  assisted by Jatindernath Bannerji and Barindrakumar Ghosh (Anushilan Smiti)
Surendranath Bannerjee The Bengalee
  assisted by Krishna Kumar Mitra () and Narendra Kumar
Promotha Mitther, founded the Anushilan Samiti in Calcutta
Barindrakumar Ghosh,  
Jatindranath Bannerjee  
Gokhale president of 1905 Benares session
Dadabhai Naoroji president of 1906 Calcutta session
  declared swaraj to be the goal of the INC
Acharaya P. C. Ray Set up Bengal Chemicals Factory
Ashwini Coomar Bannerjee led jute mill workers to form Indian Millhands' Union at Buj Buj

2 Important Newspapers

Name of Newspaper Language Founders/Contributors Special significance

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